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Your nervous system controls your entire body. This means the brain, spinal cord, and nerves not only control the musculoskeletal system, but they also control your reproductive, respiratory, and all other systems of the body. When your body is balanced and in alignment you can have less pain, less headaches, and all around feel better!


Women's Health


We know that women take an active roll in their family's health care. Today's woman is looking for natural ways to keep their family healthy. They want to stay healthy, reduce pain, or have a faster recovery from an injury or car accident. Some women want to run faster or help their golf game, and others want to be able to keep up with their children or grandchildren. Chiropractic care can help keep your body balanced so it can function 100% for a healthier and happier you.


Dr. Laura Jonker specializes in caring for people during pregnancy and beyond. Her training through the ICPA also includes gentle adjusting techniques designed to care for newborns, infants and children. 

Specialty Services



After delivery, many moms now focus on care of baby and caring for themselves tends to take a back burner. This can lead to problems down the road especially if there were complications during pregnancy and birth. All those pelvic muscles and ligaments that were stretched out must now be put back together. When the joints are slightly misaligned or nerves are irritated this can lead to pain, discomfort and down the road it can lead to problems with subsequent pregnancies. 


Changes in daily activities that now involve carrying baby in a carseat, holding baby, nursing/feeding baby and decreased sleep will also wear on the body. Chiropractic care along with key stretches and exercises designed to combat these changes can help ease the transition our bodies go through after pregnancy.



There are a lot of questions surrounding chiropractic care during pregnancy. Pregnant people often seek out Webster Certified Chiropractors because we are specifically trained in helping naturally without any medications. Some people are looking for help with their back pain or sciatica from increased weight gain, headaches from hormones, or, in many cases, they are just looking for a healthier and easier birth and they know chiropractic care can help.



A health body begins before your little one enters the big world. Just being in the womb improperly can put stresses on the baby’s neck, head, and spine which can cause problems in childhood and later in life. The birth process itself, whether you gave birth naturally or with an intervention, is traumatic to your baby’s body. There is an enormous amount of strain on your baby’s neck as they pass through the birth canal and that can cause imbalances in the body. 


Throughout childhood, kids put even more stress on their bodies. Their minds are working overtime taking in and processing all new information and experiences. Their bodies are under stress when they fall from learning to walk, are active in sports, or have an accident from slipping off the swing set. All of these stresses on carry on into adulthood if not addressed while young.


Many parents bring their kids to see Dr. Laura even though nothing seems wrong. They want to make sure their children’s spines are in proper alignment to stay healthy and build up their immunity. 

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